Tiergarten, Berlin, GermanyTiergarten is the largest park in Berlin and was once a forest used as a hunting reserve. The 200 ha park and gardens were landscaped by Peter Joseph Lenne in the 1830's.

Soviet War Memorial

The Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten was unveiled on the 7th November 1945 and is the final resting place for over 2,500 Soviets soldiers who died in World War II during fighting against Nazi Germany.

Soviet T34 tank, Tiergarten, Berlin, GermanyThe monument also commemorates the 300,000 soldiers who died in the battle for Berlin. In April 1945 after 4 years of war, one and a half million Soviet soldiers invaded Berlin, leading to Germany's defeat and the suicide of Adolf Hitler .
The memorial is flanked by two T34 tanks which are believed to be the first tanks to have entered Berlin in 1945.
Soviet War Memorial, Berlin, Germany

A bronze statue of a Soviet soldier stands in front of the memorial. Symbolically the soldier is holding a child in one hand and a sword smashing the Nazi swastika in the other . The statue was created by Lew Kerbel.
The marble column on which the statue stands was designed by Nicolai Sergiejev and was made from the stones of Hitler's Chancellery (Third Reich Headquarters) and it is engraved with the Soviet hammer and sickle and quotes from Stalin.