Public Art in Berlin

The Neptunbrunnen

Neptunbrunnen, Neptune Fountain, Berlin, Germany

The Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain) was designed by Reinhold Begas in 1886 . The fountain built  in the Neo Baroque style was a present to Wilhelm I from the Berlin town council.
The fountain features the statue of Neptune who is surrounded by four figures that represent Germany's four greatest rivers, the Rhine, the Vistula, the Elbe and the Oder.

St Gertrude

Statue of St Gertrude on St Gertrude's Bridge, Berlin Germany

The bronze statue of St Gertrude by Rudolf Siemering stands in the centre of St Gertrudes Bridge. The bridge was built in 1894 by Otto Stahn near where St Gertrude's Hospital once stood. St Gertrude was a 13th century mystic and the statue depicts her giving a poor child a lily as the he drinks from a cup.

Jewish Memorial Sculpture

Jewish Memorial Sculpture, Berlin, Germany

A Memorial sculpture now stands on Grosse Hambuger Strasse on the site of the first Jewish Home for the Aging in Berlin . The Nazi's had turned the home into a detention centre and a collection point for Jews. They were held there before being sent to death camps at Auschwitz and Theresienstadt. 
The sculpture depicts a group of Jews being led to their deaths.

Quadriga of Victory

Quadriga of Victory, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

The Brandenburg Gate is a Triumphal Arch and stands on the former border between East & West Germany in the city of Berlin. The Neo-classical gate was designed by Carl Gatthard Langhans and  was erected from 1788-1793 as a "Gate of Peace". The gate was inspired by the Propylaea, the entrance to the Acropolis in Athens. The structure is crowned by the "Quadriga of Victory", a statue of a chariot drawn by four horses. The sculpture was designed by Johann Gottfried Schadow.

Golden Else

The Golden Else and Siegessaule, Berlin Germany

The Siegessaule,a triumphal column,  was designed by Johann Heinrich Strack to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Prusso-Danish War of 1864. The 69m column was built from 1864-1873. The  8.3m high and 35 ton  gilded figure known as "Golden Else" was added later after Prussian victories against Austria (1866) and France (1871). The "Golden Else" was designed by Friedrich Drake and represents the Godess of Victory.
The Siegessaule originally stood in the square in front of the Reichstag but was moved by the Nazi Government in 1938.

Checkpoint Charlie

Sculpture, Berlin, Germany

A sculpture outside the museum at Checkpoint Charlie, featuring butterflies on a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany

The Jewish Holocaust memorial in Berlin began construction in 2002 after years of contoversy and delay.The memorial centerpiece consists of 2,700 concrete pillars of different heights on a 600sqm site between the Brandenburg Gate and Adolf Hilter's bunker. The pillars are designed to represent a waving cornfield. Click here for more information about the Jewish Holocaust Memorial.