Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie in 1989, Germany

Checkpoint Charlie was the name given to one of the three checkpoints along the infamous Berlin Wall. Following the closing of the Berlin borders and the construction of the wall the only access to East Berlin was from three checkpoints along the wall.
The checkpoints were named  Checkpoint Alpha (Helmstedt), Checkpoint Bravo (Dreilinden) and Checkpoint Charlie (Friedrchstrasse) and were all named after the international phonetic alphabet system.  Checkpoint Charlie was opened by the US military police at Friedrichstrasse in 1961 and was the only crossing point for foreigners between East & West Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie thus became the most well remembered of the three.
Checkpoint Charlie in 2005, GermanyOn 9th November 1989, following massive demonstrations all over Eastern Europe, Gunter Schabowski (leader of East Berlin's Communist Party)  announced the easing of border restrictions. By the following day demolition of the wall began. On 3rd  October 1990 Germany was officially reunified. Checkpoint Charlie was removed in 1990.